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Accepting Commissions

Well with my fan base every growing, and my wallet not so much. I thought now is a good time to try commissions again. If you do have certain pictures, and or themes you want to see me write about, send me a message at Or on my tumblr mail box. These won’t be free but cheap, and I’m still experimenting on how to get paid and prices. So it’s going to be a little negotiating at first for some people. Also note that I won’t just take any picture, as I don’t enjoy to do captions about full nude or full porn pics for example. If you’re interested feel free to contact me. ^.^ Oh and I will also do full stories and not just captions but of course that will cost a little extra. Much Love, Jenny Valentine, MMMMWHA! <3 hehe :3


Anonymous asked:

Hi do you have any tips for a beginning crossdresser, I'm 18 if that helps at all

youtube and courage goes along way. :) Oh and goodwill and other thrift stores *nods nods*

So apparently their is alot of feminism post on tumblr lately that I was not aware of. But then again I live on the Mid West side of tumblr, where it’s not exactly porn country but pretty close to it, and I rarley go to the far east side of tumblr where the majority of NSFW people live.

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