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More troubles and ummm deviant art points!

So….I kinda lost my job last week. Which isn’t good. Trying to get another one. However I am wanting to start captioning again. I however would like a little bit of help hehe ^^; I’m sure all of you heard of this site called deviant art and most you are members. Well this is my page and I’m kinda asking for points. There really isn’t much on my deviant art, however Tumblr doesn’t have a points system. Also if you give me points and a picture (doesn’t have to be your self) and is in good taste. I will make a caption for you ^.^ And you don’t have to give me a picture to caption just to help a bit. Even if it’s a small amount *nods nods*


I hate to be that person. But right now I just have to say that I never been more sad and angry at how alone I am and how much I miss someone. I am trying so hard to replace them. But I have no options where I live it seems. I feel like I’m constantly drowning in despair and I just needed to say it some where

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